My Hair | Before & After Balayage

So I recently got my hair balayage again. I like having my hair done at a salon as it’s one of the ways I like to relax and treat myself to. Each appointment I always ask to go lighter and have it a little bit higher each time. So we’ll see how this one turns out.

What happened at a hair salon?

I was greeted with my usual colour hairstylist. She sat down with me for a quick consultation as she done my hair couple of times before – she kinda knew what I like and don’t like already. I think it has been more than two months since she did my balayage. So my hair has grown out quite a bit. The colour were quite light and more summery. We recently just hit autumn and it’s getting very chilly lately. I wanted something a bit more soft and not as light.

How long did it take?

My whole appointment took 3 hours! The main reason being is I have a lot of hair. It’s really depend on your hair thickness, length and the amount of hair you have. The lady next to me who getting her hair colour done finish the same time as me when she had the appointment much later. Her hair was only shoulder length.

Balayage is low maintenance. You don’t get these annoying roots. I get my touch up every 6-8 weeks.

So my hair isn’t that bad as I only just got it cut a couple of weeks ago. Ewww, my hair was so greasy.


I love how it all turn out. She put through the different tone in my hair. There’s darker pieces in there now. The balayage starts higher – which what I really wanted to go for.

Tell about your hair balayage/colouring experience.

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